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When you sustain a work injury, healing from the injury should be your primary concern. Unfortunately, worker’s compensation cases are one of the most complicated and time consuming type of claim. The state or self-insurance company might claim you always had the injury, your employer could deny you were working when you got hurt, even the doctors who examined you initially might have written your pain off as being minor. Hundreds of legitimate claims are routinely denied by these and a myriad of different reasons every year, and workers are left in pain and without many options.

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When you are injured at work,
make your first stop Fairwood Chiropractic

The doctors at Fairwood Chiropractic have been acting as injured worker advocates for well over a decade. They have opened and re-opened thousands of claims, and fought for their patient’s rights all the way to the courts. Other clinics often do not have the knowledge or manpower to manage worker’s compensation claims, and as a result valid claims are mismanaged and closed early or outright denied. Fairwood Chiropractic has aided injured worker’s from a diverse list of industries such as construction, shipping, service, business, and many more. We have vast experience in not only state claims but also the more complex self-insured employer claims.

Having trouble with a claim?
Does your doctor seem unconcerned?
Call Fairwood Chiropractic before you give up!

Here is a short list of some of the companies that we have managed claims from:

Port of Seattle
Key Bank
Long Haul trucking firms
Southwest Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Delta Airlines
Horizon Airlines
Menzies Aviation
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
… and Hundreds of construction companies big and small

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