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Get relief from whiplash and other pain resulting from injuries with our Active Rehabilitation program. We aim to restore proper movement patterns that can be lost or altered due to injury.

Our Active Rehabilitation program is devoted to get people moving pain free and more functionally in the shortest amount of time possible. Our Doctors and Trainers implement appropriate and progressive individual rehab programs.

In our Active Rehabilitation Program, we aim to restore proper movement patterns that can be lost or altered due to injury. As injury causes us to shift from our optimal posture, this can cause over compensation to other parts of the body as well as altered joint mechanics.

We work to restore the loss of mobility in joints, improve flexibility of tissues and strengthen of muscle groups. In order for our bodies to move efficiently and pain free we must elicit the proper recruitment and activation from our muscles. Joint restrictions and inflexibility can alter this process and produce a dysfunctional movement pattern.

Our team is ready to help you rehabilitate your injuries through a progressive, one-to-one programs consisting of:

  • Core stability – Yoga / Pilates exercise program, Therapy Ball Foam Rollers, Balance Pads, Wobble Boards
  • Strengthening – hand weights, therapy bands, Pulley System
  • Stretching / Flexibility Exercises
  • Cardio training / Endurance Training / Circuit Training.
  • Home Exercise Training/Guidance – All patients are given a Home exercise plan to prevent future Re-occurrence of the injury / pain

Active Rehabilitation programs can be performed in a gym or at home. The benefit of this type of therapy is that you will become educated on rehabilitating your injuries, while improving your overall health at the same time.

Recovery After Knee Surgery
Therapist Discussing Reports With A Disabled Patient

Goals of Physical Rehabilitation
at Fairwood Chiropractic

  • Educate and Guide patient in self management strategies and exercises that will rehabilitate your painful injury or dysfunction
  • Receive guidance on reducing health risks, improving quality of life and well-being.
  • Preventing further injury.
  • Guidance in re-conditioning for sport, work or daily activities.
  • Provide education on current best exercise methods.
  • We will help you become fitter, more mobile and know the difference between pain and exercise discomfort (no pain no gain is not always correct)
  • Exercise is medicine. We provide the appropriate prescription and dose while communicating with your medical doctor

Client Goals include

  • Exercise and Movement Education
  • Pain Management
  • Longevity and Health Maintenance
  • Improved Physical Fitness (Strength, Energy, Flexibility)
  • Reduce Health Risks (Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure)
  • Post-Rehabilitation (Work Injury, Car Accidents, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Neck, Back, Sports Injury)
  • Balance Co-ordination

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